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«Without doubt the most shocking, tense film you’ll see all year, perhaps ever! But also, the darkest, most pitch-black comedy you’ve ever been confronted with (if you allow yourself that comic relief). This extraourdinary piec of work balances farce, melodrama, tragedy, and absurdism… and, of course, horror. Oh, God, the horror! You won’t be prepared for where THE COFFEE TABLE goes, suffice to say, you have been warned, and it works best knowing as sweet little as possible. – A truly unique, taboo breaking film that despite its nature and content succeeds due to the exceptional writing, direction, and performances»

A night of horror Film Festival

«Our unlucky couple’s trajectory of collapse and disintegration plays off the expectations of a typical domestic drama, while the blood greases the gears for downshifts into horror, suspense, and absurdist black comedy. Not for the faint of heart, THE COFFEE TABLE’s taut, withholding style creates a bleak atmosphere of foreboding that will keep you guessing until the final scene»

Lory Donelly, Fantastic Fest

«There are no ghost, monsters or possesions, just a small Coffee Table, but trust us, that damn table will plunge you into an unbearable mental hell unlinke anything you’ve ever experienced before»

BIFF. Brusels International Fantastic Film Festival.

«Este retrato de un matrimonio desbordado no es una película para débiles, pero para aquellos que buscan lo sombrío, lo repulsivo y lo perturbador, manténgala en su radar.»

Mary Beth McAndrews: Dread Central

The Coffee Table is a marvelous mix of genres. Now a farce, now a melodrama, now a tragedy, it is outrageously funny, until it wants to stop being funny and manages to break one of the last taboos of cinema.

Anton Bitel, Projected figures

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